My Beauty Journey


My personal experience travelling overseas from Australia to South Korea for cosmetic surgery


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"Happiness is a journey. Not a destination"

When it comes to cosmetic surgery in Australia, specializing in ‘Asian Aesthetics’ we find that there’s not many doctors who focus on it as much. We then come to make a decision to go overseas to places where it is common. Places such as South Korea, Thailand or Japan! On this website, I will bring you with me on my journey on going through cosmetic surgery in South Korea. I will include as much photos as I can during the entire process!

Also – Check out some amazing results from my selected clinic too. This will give you an idea of the type of procedures they do and the outcomes.

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Is this for you?

If you truly are unhappy with any aspect of your appearance, you deserve to have it fixed. While cosmetic surgery changes your outward appearance, the main improvement will be very personal and inward. Only you know if you’ll be happier after undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

Can you afford it?

The decision to undergo an elective cosmetic procedure can be hindered by financial concerns, I have listed some finance options and tools that will make this achievable for you. Whether you are going to save up or finance your procedure.

Who is the best plastic surgeon for you?

I have listed a list of clinics which I received quotes from, and the doctors and their specialties.

Photo Diary


About Me

I am 22 living in Australia. I love sharing my experiences and offering advice to the girls in the world who want to learn and read the truth before making any big investments such as Cosmetic Surgery.

Needless to say, plastic surgery is a very big step! In some ways, it is vaguely similar to getting a tattoo, in that you are choosing to physically alter your appearance – often in a permanent way.

I’m here to share with you a detailed view of what I went through after making the big decision to undergo cosmetic surgery overseas.